Seeyouinbloom is a Toronto-based floral studio and located in Richmond hill. We design our bouquets and arrangement to be unregulated and asymmetrical. We offer flower deliveries, weddings, funeral and special events. If you have any inquiries, please contact us.

Hello everyone, my name is Anne Cho, I am the founder of seeyouinbloom. I grew up in Seoul, South Korea and came to Canada in 2014. I've worked in the floral field since 2016. I never imagined until then that flowers would became an important of my life.

As a stay-at-home wife, I found myself with nothing to do and little motivation to find a new passion. It was by pure chance that I discovered my love and respect for flowers. I fell in love with flowers through this new job opportunity. Through the past few years, I tried to increase my knowledge, creativity, uniqueness and customer service. The more I worked, the more I wanted to create my own image and portfolio. Eventually, seeyouinbloom was born.